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I had an anonymous request for more clarity on the Medicare changes, and I will research it for that person.  Thank you for reading!

ANSWER:  The Settlement Agreement applies to skilled maintenance services provided in all three care settings –  under Medicare home health, outpatient therapy and skilled nursing facility benefits.  (they are currently implementing it, and Medicare should be advising all beneficiaries soon.  I’ll be checking as well).  

Things that are important to seniors cross my desk, and while this blog is mostly amemoir of my care facility and expose of corruptive practices in Reno, NV, I also want to put out information that helps people — especially when it’s important.

Medicare has had a long-standing practice that in order to receive on-going physical therapy and home-health benefits, one has to show “improvement”.  In the cases of chronic conditions (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s), this is generally impossible.  One doesn’t improve, but experiences incremental decline.

There has been a class-action suit, and that is going to change in many cases.  Medicare will begin to revise its policies to ensure that in-home, nursing home, as well as out-patient coverage becomes an option for those suffering from chronic conditions.  You should check this out.  Send me an e-mail, write a comment if you’re interested.  If you ask for anonymity, no problem.

Also … seniors are the most exploited population in the country for scams.  The  Protection Bureau has geared up to fight back.  From this article they are going to be investigating such things as:  reverse mortgages, county-run aging services, power of attorney, and guardianship.

If you have an interest in this, please contact me and I will pass on more information.

Have a great week!

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    • Hi Mary, thanks for checking in. Yes it is. I took some time off as I had some screenwriting work to follow up on. Also, I’d been trying to verify some things with the state of Nevada. I’ll be starting up again this week. Much appreciated that you’re still here.

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