I took a break from this blog for a few reasons.  One, I was developing an opportunity for one of my screenplays to be considered by a major studio.  The other was to garner resources for some of the stories in this blog/book.  Lastly, there was also a time buffer element  By that I mean it’s not popular to speak and write about this subject, especially in the eyes of the caregiving community.  I had concerns that some might come after me, and not to re-butt what I write, but in a different manner, by trying to trash my reputation in the other endeavors I do in this town.

While I’m not concerned about that as much, there was a side benefit to my time off.  In the other businesses I am part of, luck of the draw put me in the face of many in the government community that handles the money and the programs that help seniors.  This included Medicare and Medicaid.  The word coming down is that everybody in the Fed/State end of senior care in this state knows it’s crooked, but don’t see anything getting done.  The good people will leave the field, or move on to a new state.

Yes, I suppose there’s corruption issues all over.  Government trust is pretty low right now.  My experience has led me to the opinion that Nevada, and specifically, Reno is unique.  Reno is so close to Carson City, the capitol and hub of the state, that the relationships between Reno and Carson are more evolved than Vegas and Carson.  And Vegas is where the money is.  One can’t ignore the fact that Las Vegas has a good influx of Californians.  These folks have a sense of how things are supposed to work and how they should be run.  One of the popular bumper stickers in Reno is:  I Don’t Care How They Do It In California.

Reno is getting quite in influx of people from the Bay area.  Old money is meeting new money.  Things are going to change here.  I’m sure this blog will be appreciated at some point in the future.

The short and sweet of my interactions with people in the know is that Nevada is scaling down its Medicaid, having private contractors deal directly with the Feds.  Sounds great, but now it’s state people who are giving referrals to the businesses they helped create.

No fooling.  Nevada’s a great place.  Until you become vulnerable, that is.  We used to have Mafia.  At least the Mafia had a code.

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