KICKBACKS (Part II Updatd August 21st)

It’s a different life.  Have you ever had one?  Gone through a divorce, illness, a major move, birth, marriage…?


Patty battled like a goddess, but the cancer won.

In this blog/book, I pick up the story of Reno’s elder corruption five years after Patty passes away.  I am not yet married, but am dating a wonderful woman, Kia, who has also lost a husband to cancer.  We have opened a center for the care of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a need in Reno as only a few places exist for this purpose:  The CONtinuum, and Share The Day, run by a woman named Tammy.

The road to our center had been serendipitous.  The burden of caregiving had permeated my core since my days with Patty.  Also, Kia’s parents were into the zone where future issues had to be addressed.  We’d checked out the Adult Day Care options in Reno with thoughts of relocating them in this area.

Our research led us to this opinion:  We didn’t care for the institutional nature of the CONtinuum, nor the Barbie-doll atmosphere of Share the Day.

I believed we could do better.

There was a need, at least for a place which didn’t appear to be a warehouse.  No, the Reno options didn’t appear as something out of a Charles Dickens novel, but anyone with even a small eye for detail could tell there was something going on.  For example, why were the Adult Day Care options only in the seedier parts of town, with little to view but another strip mall or homeless people trudging by?  Why was it not permissible to “drop in”?  Meetings were structured as appointments with no wiggle room on either side of the clock.  Were the clients that uncontrollable, or was there something else going on?  One enters the world of elder care and it seems like a secret society.

Well, it is.

It took a year for us to get our first knock on the door.  One year, and that was a referral from a counselor who is married to a minister.  Mrs. C has her own stories of Washoe County corruption, and as I haven’t asked permission to repeat those stories, I won’t.

Our first, client, however, had known an adult day care owner.  And she had stories.  The story of our first dealing with kickbacks resumes in my next post.

Thanks to all of you who keep up in this blog.  Your comments are appreciated.






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