Exposing Elder Care Corruption In Northern Nevada

It’s late in the evening as I write this; as is usual I try to come up with some artsy title for the post, some cheesy allegory or image that frames the day’s issue.  For a while I wanted to title this:  Touch And Go’s, or Zen And The Art Of Investigating … or some such nonsense.  Yeah, I’m babbling here, but please trust I’ll find a point.

Just in time.  Here’s the point, and there is a story involved.

I began flying planes in my teens.  Eventually I got my pilot’s license, a proud moment as I worked very hard, was a natural with the controls, (ailerons, rudder, flaps … etc), not so much with the radio navigation or maps, anything that rooted me to a place or a direction.  Heck, I just wanted to fly, avoid running into anything and come down safely.  I wanted to trust myself that if the motor quit, I’d enjoy the sound of the wind over my wings before I hit the checklist for a no-power landing.

It’s easy to take off; a plane is built to fly.  Takes some work to keep her straight and level, but you learn it with practice.  Landing is the big deal.  Winds change, visibility deteriorates, or you’ve been zooming along for hours and you’ve got to get sharp with five other planes in the pattern.  To get you ready for that you do touch and go’s, a series of landings, usually at an uncontrolled airport.  You make an approach, determine the pattern (rectangle) you’re going to fly.  You land the bird, raise the flaps, jam the power and take off.  Repeat this ten or fifteen times and you start to understand how to land a plane.

Performing a Touch and Go is a real landing and a real take-off … then again, it’s not.  Don’t we call something like this a gray area?

Uncovering and communicating a hidden agenda is a lot like a touch and go.  Very few people are going to come out and say:  “Here’s where it starts … this is the money trail.”

I spent many years, wore many hats in serving seniors.  Much of what I say are personal stories.  But there are those other stories from valued sources, and I have plenty of them.

Just a few days ago, I was with a client.  A doctor in town who worked in the mental health field and is now moving into the world of urgent care.  We started talking about the elder care network in Reno.  He said, “It’s a strange world.  I swear that there has to be payoffs, money floating underneath somehow.  Just couldn’t put ,my finger on it.”

I told him, yes you are right.  And yes again, it’s hard to pin down.

I write letters to the Division of Aging, the Governor, and the Alzheimer’s Association.  Now, the state of Nevada never wants to address anything in writing.  It’s hard enough to get them to answer an e-mail.  If you ever do get an e-mail from the state of Nevada that even approaches a sincere attempt at addressing an important issue, please write me. I want to see the Holy Grail in person.

And the AZ association, I’ll share that correspondence at some point.  I am going to write them again.  They are bound as a non-profit to disclose some things.  It will be interesting.

For my first post (coming shortly), I will share an e-mail from a former employee of the Nevada State Division of Aging.  What she had to say about a facility in town, and the status of services in Nevada.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.  We’re in a plane, powered up and winging into a sky that seems so blue …

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