Back On Track – Some Past and Recent History

I have been away from my own blog for too long.  I want to explain.

Some screenwriting opportunities had come up, and while things are in the works, Hollywood works at its own time frame.  Recently the Goldwyn Studios looked at a faith based screenplay.  I’ve learned from my time in Hollywood that when things heat up you have to give it the time.  If it develops I will keep my posts here active.  I write, screenplays are the chosen media at this time, but the truth here is important.  Very important.

Another thing.  I’d made efforts to try and get some confirms within the state of Nevada.  Guess what?  Not so eager over there.


Because the system is corrrupt.  It has operated in the dark, and will continue to do so.  In the past few months here’s what I’ve had to deal with.

A couple of years back, the justice system went after a local realtor for “Abuse of an Elder.”  In a word, financial abuse.  She’s serving time in prison.  I’ve gone through the court transcripts and even for Reno, it’s a wild ride.

How about this:  A sitting judge with a voo-doo doll, using it behind the bench … during the case?  I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t talked to someone deep into the case.

So, you’re asking yourself:  Huh?  He says what?  How could that happen?

Well, a few years back the county, and the powers that be were embarrassed by one of their own.  A former public guardian had decided to move on from public service and establish her own private guardianship business.  In this business, it’s not unusual for someone empowered with a wealthy, vulnerable person’s money to charge a hundred bucks an hour for their services — and that includes going for a hamburger.

Angela, the former guardian, embezzled 350 thousand from a few of her clients.  For her gambling, for drugs.  Because she could do it and she decided that she would.

She’s serving time.  The county was embarrassed.

One has to know the system, be inside it to connect the dots.  There are too many people involved in keeping Reno’s image clean for the sake of … well, their own embarrassment I suppose.

Example:  In the news recently, California claims that Reno ships off its mentally ill to other states.  The governor denied it.  If one knows the system here, no surprise.  Does anyone care?  Well, California did.  Probably more for economics than humanitarian reasons.

People flock to Nevada, and Reno specifically, for its climate, and lack of a state income tax.  Retirement looks good here.  Funny thing, age and decline are going to follow.  Here’s a hard truth — we’re all going to die.  We hope it’s painless, that we die in our sleep and our loved ones heal up and life goes on.

Doesn’t always work that way.

So … having taken a break from the live blogging, I will cruise through many vignettes, true to life stories of dealing with seniors in Reno.  It’s not going to be pretty.  It will be informative.  Also, I will be posting a link on the White House website for a national program to deal with elder care.  I have some ideas.

Thanks to those of you who didn’t give up on me.  Some of you e-mail me behind the scenes.  And some are public.  I’ve changed my settings so that those of you who have commented before have to get approval for the comments to be public.  The settings before had been set for auto-pilot approval if you commented more than once.

Talk to you soon…

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